we are Levitate

With data driven minds, and a passion for helping other people, we are a company devoted to making your business successful. We find our happiness in making your business thrive with new customers, which means you get more time to relax, spend time with your family, and embrace the joys of life.

the mission

Empowering small businesses to thrive and flourish through innovative digital marketing solutions, our mission at Levitate Digital Marketing is to alleviate the burdens of business ownership, allowing entrepreneurs to reclaim their time and rediscover the joy of family and life. With a dedication to fostering growth, success, and balance, we are committed to being the trusted partner that small businesses rely on to achieve their dreams

Meet the founder

Juan Perez

Founder & CEO

About Me

I have seen my parents work their entire lives to support us, and it wasn’t until I had my own daughter and became a parent did i realize the extent you will go to make ends meet. After countless hours worked, and multiple moments missed of my daughters first years, I decided to make a drastic change in my life and career and transition to technology to enhance business development. With an amazing and supportive wife by my side and a daughter who makes everything feel fine with one smile, I had all the motivation I needed.

Fast forward to today, I have helped multiple companies succeed and thrive, but none of that matters to me as much as knowing as I have helped the business owner who had faith in me succeed and get their life back and spend time with their family again, because I know I am not just impacting their life, but all those around them.

My Biggest Motivation